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Other Consumer Products China Import Package


SKU CPHL2069 Category

Other Consumer Products China Import Package

SKU CPHL2069 Category

Service Scope

There are four levels of Chinese standards. The most widely implemented are the 

  • National Standards ( referred to as “GB standards” , code : GB , GB/T or GB/Z)
  • Professional Standards ( referred to as “Industry Standards”, code : BB , HG , SN , etc)
  • Local Standards ( referred to as “Provincial Standards” , code : DB+ ) 
  • Enterprise Standards ( it developed and/or used by an individual company in China in cases where National Standards, code : Q+ ) 

We actively monitor, translate and interpret both mandatory and voluntary Chinese standards to enable you to understand and meet the requirements. We also support the GB standards authorities and have expert teams who can provide guidance and testing to ensure your products comply with the applicable GB standards.

Test Plan


Testing below are part of the standard under China market. Please feel free to contact our team for having precise testing standard and quotation. 

Carry Case & Bag 
QBT 5082 Laptop bag 
QB/T 1333 hangbag and knapsack  
QB/T 2155 Travelling case and trolley bag 


QB/T 1918-2011 Padlocks 

QB/T2564.4 Screwdrivers-Screwdriver for slotted head screws  

Exercise Equipment

GB 20096 Roller skate 

SN/T1365 Rules for mechanical safety performance inspection of scooters for import and export 

GB/T 22868 Basketball 

GB/T 22882Volleyball 

GB/T 22892 Rules for the inspection of import and export electric scooter 

QB/T 2770  Badminton racket 

QB/T 1476 Fishing rod 

Infant Products

GB 14748 Safety requirements for wheeled child conveyances 

GB 14749 Safety requirements for baby walking frames 

GB 22793.1/.2 (Furniture – Children’s high chair – Part 1: Safety requirements , part 2 test method) 

GB27887 Restraining devices for child occupants of power-driven vehicles 

GB 28482 Safety requirements of soothers for babies and young children 

GBT 35270 Baby carriers 

GB/T 35448 Baby toddler walking assisstant  

GB/T 23159   Safety requirements and test methods of walking strap for babies and young children for import and export 

GB 29281  Safety requirements for playpens and similar cribs 

GB 30004  Safety requirements of cradles 

Sundries groceries 

QB/T 2119 Basic candle 

QB/T 2902 Art candle 

QB/T 2903 Jar candle 

GB/T 22256 Jelly candle 

QB/T 4359 Tealight candle 

QB / T 4734: 2014  swimming goggles  swimming goggle 

GB/T 5296.6 Instructions for use of products of consumer interest Part 6:furniture 
GB/T 3326  Furniture–Main sizes of tables and seats 
GB/T 3327 Furniture-Main sizes of cabinets 
GB/T 3328 Furniture-Main sizes of beds 
GB/T 10357.1 Test of mechanical properties of furniture; Strength and durability of tables 
GB/T 10357.2 Test of mechanical properties of furniture; Stability of chairs and stools 
GB14746 Cycles–safety requirements for bicycles for young children
GB14747 Tricycles–safety requirements for tricycles for young children
GB 3565 Safety requirements for bicycles 
QB/T 2182-95 bicycle wtih pump

Strengths & benefits

Regulatory Experts
Ensure your product compliance with specific countries’ requirements

Global Network
Provide worldwide coverage and access to all key locations & markets

Order flow

1. Request A Quote

Complete the form to get an initial quote online

2. Confirm Quote

Confirm test and product details to finalize the quote

3. Arrange Payment

Confirm test and product details to finalize the quote

4. Send Sample

Send the sample with the printed form

5. Receive Report

Receive our test report by email


You can submit quote request by completing the form to get an initial quote or reply within 1 working day.

It is not necessary to create an account for quote request, you can complete the form to submit quote request to us.

If you place an order as a guest, please check our notifications at your email box. Please remember to check promotional and junk mail box if you can’t find it.

If you place an order as a member, please log in and check the status of your order under “Quote Request” or “Orders”.

Step 1 – Arrange T/T payment through your preferred bank

Step 2 – Send payment receipt to your dedicated specialist in the acknowledgment email

Step 3 – Your payment will be verified within 2 working days

Step 4 – Confirmation email with service details will be sent upon payment verification

You will receive a test application form, sample requirement and delivery details in confirmation email upon successful payment, please complete the form and send the required sample(s) to our competence center in Hong Kong.

Please contact your dedicated specialist to submit your request. It will be reviewed case by case depending on the order process.

No, you can’t cancel and refund the paid order unless there is a quality or service delivery issue.


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Max. file size: 10 MB.
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