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Robotics Disinfection & On-site COVID-19 Rapid Test


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Robotics Disinfection & On-site COVID-19 Rapid Test

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An Ipsos survey of 2,100 people in Hong Kong and Singapore in 2021 found that most Hong Kong respondents (61%) preferred robotic disinfection over manual disinfection.

Due to the latest coronavirus outbreak and concerns felt across the community, we develop an one-stop solution to safeguard our living & working environment. Our package includes the below services.

  • Robotics Disinfection
  • Onsite COVID-19 Rapid Test 
  • Ventilation Assessment & Environment Test
  • SGS Disinfection Mark

Target Audience

Our service is the best match for companies or organizations owing estate, schools, hotels, shops or restaurants over 2,000 square feet.





Food Factory

Robotics Disinfection

SGS Disinfection Service Sticker

The artificial intelligence(AI) powered cleaning and disinfection robot can replace operators to enter confined spaces to conduct disinfection and avoid human error or spot-cleaning. With the autonomous-driving AI for route design feature, it is capable to disinfect indoor air and articles without dead angle

The disinfectant solution has been tested to proven effective against a wide variety of microorganisms such as bacterial, spore fungi, germs and coronavirus. It also consists of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) and other inactive ingredients that can enhance performance and compatibility with target surfaces.

When the disinfection service is completed, the Disinfection Service Sticker will be provided to display in prominent position. With this clear disinfection display, your visitors will know disinfection has been proactively applied.

On-site COVID-19 Rapid Test

Viruses remains viable on different surface for a certain period of time. We utilize Gold Nanoparticle-Based Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay technology offering reliable and rapid COVID-19 environment test. This latest method could enable testing onsite or at vehicle which could allow us to access to the test result in half day

Testing of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)  confirm the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection measures. We also support SARS-CoV-2 detection based on the RT-PCR method. Our experts will conduct on-site sampling and conduct testing based on the RT-PCR method at laboratory. This method is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) including the inactivation of the virus, isolation of the RNA, and real -time RT-PCR.

Similar to disinfection service, the COVID-19 Environmental Rapid Test Service Sticker will be provided to display in prominent position when the negative result is obtained.

441701 - HN-SGS Disinfection Service Sticker-EN-22-03-12x12cm

Environment Test & Ventilation Assessment

Our microbiology analysis ensures the environment is not harboring bacteria that can lead to contamination or infection. Environmental monitoring-swab samples such as total plate count, E. coli and Coliforms will be accessed.

Poor indoor ventilation can easily lead to the accumulation of pollutants such as dust, bacteria, and viruses, also increasing the risk of airborne transmission. We offer indoor ventilation system assessment on existing condition of indoor environment and inspection report included improvement recommendation for indoor air quality.

SGS Disinfection Mark

The SGS Disinfection Monitored, Cleaning Checked mark provides assurance that all necessary measures to ensure the implementation and maintenance of the available hygiene standards for disinfection and the prevention of infection spread are being taken.

The mark remains valid for one year from the date that the initial inspection was successfully performed and all requirements were shown to be fulfilled. After the initial assessment is completed, the premises must undergo bi-monthly on-site rechecks. If the first two rechecks are passed successfully, the frequency of rechecks will be reduced to every four months. To retain the mark, the premises must undergo a full, complete inspection annually.

SGS’s Disinfection Monitored, Cleaning Checked services are based on:

  • Desktop gap analysis of the cleaning and disinfection protocols, to ensure compliance with  guidance
  • On-site audit to ensure consistent and correct implementation of the related protocols
  • On-site Fluorescent marking test to assess the effectiveness of cleaning procedures
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Swab to confirm the effectiveness of surface cleaning and disinfection

Why SGS?

Regulatory Experts
Strong expertise to ensure environmental health and safety compliance

One-Stop Solution
Offer end-to-end service from disinfection, environment test, reporting to regular audit

Provide SGS disinfection mark to acknowledge the disinfection result

Order flow

1. Request A Quote

Complete the form to get an initial quote online

2. Confirm Quote

Confirm requirement, scope and schedule to finalize the quote

3. Arrange Payment

Arrange bank transfer payment and send record to us

4. Onsite Service

Conduct service based on committed schedule

5. Receive Report

Receive our audit report and certificate


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