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Knitted Sportswear China Import Package



Knitted Sportswear China Import Package

Service Scope

As the economic growth in China is continuously improving, the need for consumer products is also on the rise. Most of the fashion brands are developing shopping networks in China market. Fulfilling all safety and quality requirements for textile and footwear products sold in China markets is of paramount importance for brands and retailers.

How to assure the product quality can fulfill the China regulatory requirement? For a more comprehensive picture, please refer to the FAQ on this product page. In short, the simplest rule for most textile product compliance for China imported textile products would be:

Material compulsory standard
(according to safety technical code and declared category)
Product standard
(according to declared product grade)

GB/T 22853 – Applicable products
: Sportswear mainly made of textile knitted fabrics.
This standard is not applicable to infant products, of which the age is equal to or less than 36months.

This test package covers both performance and restricted substance testing to help you ensure product compliance.

Test Plan

Sample Size 
It will be advised in order confirmation email upon purchase

Turnaround Time (working days)
5-7 Days (Regular)

Test Type

Product Standard only
Only testings as specified in captioned product standard will be covered. Testing of relevant safety technical code may not be covered.

Product + Safety standard GB 18401
On top of the current product standard, any additional applicable safety standard as specified in relevant safety technical code GB 18401 National general safety technical code for textile products (for adult) will also apply on a special package rate.

Product + Safety standard GB 31701
On top of the current product standard, any additional applicable safety standard as specified in relevant safety technical code GB 31701 National general safety technical code for textile products (for kids/infants) will also apply on a special package rate.

When tested with safety standard, the choice of safety category will affect limits to apply in rating pass/fail, and may affect price. Please refer to FAQ#10 for explanation on how to choose for safety category.


The test items will be adjusted depending on your product type and age range. Only specific test items will be applied to the selected product type, test type and destination market. Detailed test item list will be included in order confirmation email upon purchase.

EXCLUSION from package:

–  Non-textile material requirement. 
   For example, leather material used in garments needs to comply with GB 20400, while PVC synthetic leather needs to comply with GB 21550.
–  Filling material requirement. 
   The fiber and down filling used in infant and children products should comply with GB 18401 requirement. Any fiber filling should comply with GB 18383 requirement.
Substantiation for functional claim
   Any functional claim made on the product, such as water repellent / quick dry / sun protection or so on, an additional test is required to sustain claim, unless specially mention in package details that such is included. 
Factory production and inspection requirement
   Any factory production and inspection requirements from captioned product standard are excluded. Only testing requirements are included.

If your product has non-textile components, filling or functional claim, or if you prefer more comprehensive information on the product standard, please contact us with your concern.

# To save your test budget, the composite test is quoted for chemical testing. Similar materials on the sample will be gathered for analysis. In case any restricted chemical is detected in composite testing, additional individual checking may be required. Applicant will be informed in that case.

Strengths & benefits

Regulatory Experts
Ensure product compliance with specific countries’ requirements

Global Network
Provide worldwide coverage and access to all key locations & markets

Order flow

1. Check Out

Confirm selections and fill in contact info

2. Arrange Payment

Pay by credit card or bank transfer offline​

3. Confirm Test Plan

Confirm test and product details

4. Send Sample

Send the sample with printed form

5. Receive Report

Receive our test report by email


Online Payment
  • Order acknowledgment email will be sent to you by system after successful payment
  • Order confirmation email with service details will be sent to you within 1 working day by our specialist
Offline Payment
  • We accept T/T bank transfer payment
  • Order acknowledgment email with bank details for payment will be sent to you by system after order submission
  • Please arrange payment and send payment receipt to our specialist by email
  • Order confirmation email with service details will be sent to you after payment verification by our specialist


You can add them to shopping cart and proceed to checkout for placing your order online. You will receive an order acknowledgment with order details after online order.

It is not necessary to create an account for online purchase, you can select Guest Checkout to place an order without an account.

However, creating an account offers additional benefits:

  • Your contact information will be saved securely for a faster checkout
  • Track your order status and history

If you place an order as a guest, please check our notifications at your email box. Please remember to check promotional and junk mail box if you can’t find it.

If you place an order as a member, please log in and check the status of your order under “Quote Request” or “Orders”.

SGS TIC Mall only accepts US$ for checkout.

You will receive a test application form, sample requirement and delivery details in confirmation email upon successful payment, please complete the form and send the required sample(s) to our competence center in Hong Kong.

Please contact your dedicated specialist to submit your request. It will be reviewed case by case depending on the order process.

No, you can’t cancel and refund the paid order unless there is a quality or service delivery issue.

Products, composed of natural and chemical fibers as main raw materials, manufactured by process such as spinning, knitting and dyeing, combined with stitching and compounding processes. Examples include yarn and textile and finished products thereof.

– Infant product needs to comply with GB 31701.
– List of textile products which is not included in the categories of this Standard :
1 Textile products for construction use such as geotextiles, waterproof linoleum ground cloth, etc;
2 Industrial textile products such as papermaking felts, awning cloth, filtrate cloth, and insulated textiles, etc;
3 Agricultural textile products such as soil-less cultivation ground cloth, etc;
4 Special protection products such as gas proof, radiation proof, high temperature endurance products, etc;
5 String and net products such as fishing net, cables, and climbing cables, etc;
6 Packing products such as sacking and parcel packaging, etc;
7 Medical products such as medicated gauze and bandages, etc;
8 Cloth handcrafted or soft toys;
9 Cloth handcrafted products;
10 Outdoor products such as cloth for advertising light boxes, awning cloths and tents, etc;
11 Sanitary products that are disposable in nature;
12 Umbrellas, shoes, suitcases or backpacks, etc;
13 Carpets, rugs or other floor covers.

Standards System for the China Market

These standards specify the general safety requirements for textile products that are manufactured, distributed or imported into China for sale in the local retail market.  The standard system in China is divided into two main parts, Part 1: Mandatory, Part 2: Recommended

Part 1, the mandatory standards are proceeded with the initials GB, abbreviated from Guo Biao, which means National Standard. This is legally binding and enforced through the legislation process. For example, GB 18401, GB 20400, etc.

Part 2 focuses on the recommended Product standards with the letter T indicating that it is a recommendation ie GB/T or FZ/T.  In addition to GB initials, FZ is also used and is short for Fang Zhi, meaning the standard of the Textile industry. These standards are in place to regulate a product or a product type to ensure it complies with certain requirements applicable to it.

Product Standard

Besides the above mentioned mandatory requirements e.g. GB 18401, GB 20400 etc, an importer should declare which standard the product fulfils. In China, there are hundreds of product standards for different types of apparel and therefore the relevant standard for the product should be chosen. e.g. Product standard GB/T 2660 shirts and blouses, FZ/T 81006 Jeanswear.  Unlike many other country standards, those in China will cover all production requirements such as inspection and workmanship to guide production, as well as focusing on product performance testing requirements.

There are also different quality grades in each product standard such as Qualified grade / First grade and High-class grade. Apparel should at least meet the lowest quality grade of the specific product standard with the quality grade and product standard being declared on the hangtag.

Safety requirement of category A > category B > category C.
The minimal requirement for skin contact textile is category B, and that for non-skin contact textile is category C.
A stricter standard can be declared on your product, say, you can declare category B for a non-skin contact textile product, but NOT vice versa.

When worn or used, a skin contact product has its surface area in direct contact of human skin. If only a minor part is in skin contact or no contact, the product is classified as indirect skin contact.

Skin contact examples: Underwear, shirts, skirts, trousers, socks, bed sheets, duvet covers, towels, swimsuits, hats.

Non-skin contact examples: Overclothes, curtains, bed linen, wall cloth.

Infant products are defined as those to be used by 36months and below (generally height 100cm or below).

Children products are those above infant ones, and for aged 14 or below (generally height 155cm/160cm or below, for girls & boys respectively).

For test requirement on cord & drawstring – children products for aged 7 or below generally means that for height 130cm or below. The age range of your product needs to be clearly marked on test submission.

May not be.  Although a product standard would normally cover the requirement in safety standard, a product has to comply to all applicable mandatory standards, plus any committed performance declarations.

According to textile labelling requirement, textile products have to declare the “product standard” and product grade, which would normally contain another set of requirements.

Despite each “product standard” may itself be voluntary (with “/T” which means recommended in Chinese), the declaration is a market norm and makes the declared set of product standard becomes mandatory to some extent.

To put it simple, the minimum compliance would be safety standard + declared product standard.

Suppliers should be clear about factory production standard and declare applicable product standards and grades with products to be sold in the market. 
If you do not find the desired product standard, or if you are new to China market and hope to check for the applicable compliance standard, please look up Product standard consultancy or contact us. We are more than happy to provide you the best support and tailormade quotes.

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