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Before a shirt is placed on market, its fabric has undergone various finishing like dyeing and washing, and its button was made from various resin with paints coatings. Each of these processing could contain harmful chemicals which can possibly cause skin allergy, cancer inducer, or leave persistent pollutant to our environment.

While there are so many processing steps, where should you take the first step for chemical assurance?

SGS’s ECO Test Package for Textiles describes the most common restricted substance concern that applies to textile materials, along with basic colorfastness to ensure the dyestuff stays on sample instead of released during wearing.

Common restricted substance concern includes:
– allergy concern: pH value, formaldehyde, allergenic dye, etc.
– cancer-causing concern: azo amines, carcinogenic dye, PAH, etc.
– hormonal disruption: phthalates, APEO, etc.

Unlike physical tests, instead of reviewing based on whole garment, chemical tests are conducted by each material. This is because each material has used different raw materials and has undergone different type of treatment, and hence would have different risk of finding the related chemicals.

While understanding the ready-made garment could be made of various material types, complete product package is also available to ease your budgeting with multiple package needed. SGS will risk-assess the parts present on your product and conduct neccesaary tests.

Please refer to below table for the material description and select the corresponding product type at purchase.

Some optional test items are not included in test package, and are upon quotation request based on any extra finishing present in your sample.

For detailed test items, please refer to test plan.

Test Type

  • Synthetic Fibre ECO
    Composed of manmade polymeric fibre.
    Examples: polyester, polyamide/nylon, elastane/spandex.

  • Natural Fibre ECO
    Composed of natural animal protein or plant cellulosic fibre, including regenerated cellulosic fibre like rayon/viscose.
    Examples: Cotton, wool, silk, etc.

    For textile with natural-synthetic-blended fibre, please contact us for tailor made quotation.
    Examples: 60% Polyester 40% Cotton TC.

  • Coating/Print ECO
    Strike prints or heat seals to be used on textile, or paint coatings to be used on metal or plastic.
    Remark: Print/coating ECO package does NOT include all necessary tests for its base fabric or base substrate plastic/metal.

    If your sample is printed fabric, please decide the major parameter to check – the base substrate or the print.
       – Base substrate: please choose corresponding synthetic / natural fibre package / plastic / metal.
       – Print / Coating: please select print/coating ECO package.
    If you would like a combined quote including both substrate and print, please contact us for tailor made quotation with sample details.

  • Metal ECO

    Metal parts made of metal or alloy.
    Examples: Brass alloy rivets. Chrome-plated steel button.
    Remark: Considering metal shaping process may affect chemical content, metal piece in different shapes or size would be regarded as different samples. Please select matching test quantity for the package, or contact us for assistance.
    Example for test quantity needed:
    2-part shank – 3 tests on: shank cap, shank base, post.
    4-part snap – 4 tests on: cap, socket, stud, post.

  • Leather ECO
    Swatches made of animal skin.
    Example: Cow hide, bovine leather, sheep skin, etc.

  • Glass ECO
    For common glass.
    If sample is specific type of crystal or metal ore, please contact us for tailor made quotation.

  • Plastic ECO
    Non-fibrous form of manmade polymeric solid.
    Examples: EVA foam for shoe insock, Polystyrene foam filling for cushion, Nylon plastic buckle adjuster for bags, etc.

    Applicable to Synthetic Leather, if the surface layer is made of plastic only and is the only parameter to check.
    Example: PU coated on polyester knit, and only PU side needs to be tested.
    Depending on the technique used, some synthetic leather a blend of plastic and synthetic textile material on both sides; while  some may prefer testing both the plastic and textile material side. In these cases, please contact us for tailor made quotation.

  • Complete Garment/Home Textile ECO *
    Garment will be risk-assessed and test for high-risk parameters as needed.
    Examples: T-shirt, jeans, etc.

    Remark: The package price is for ONE finished article and applies to garment sample only. Testing for all labels such as size labels, brand labels and care labels are excluded. Footwear, accessories, bag items and raw materials are not applicable.

  • Complete Footwear ECO*
    Please contact us for tailor made quotation with detail bill of materials.

  • Complete Bag ECO *
    Please contact us for tailor made quotation with detail bill of materials.

Test Plan

Sample Size 
It will be advised in order confirmation email upon purchase.

Turnaround Time (working days)
5 Days (Regular)/ 7 Days (Regular)(Complete Garment/Home Textile ECO)

Test Description

Test Item:

  • pH Value
  • Formaldehyde Content
  • Extractable Metal Content
  • Chromium VI (before and after aging)
  • Total Cadmium
  • Total Lead
  • Total Arsenic
  • Total Mercury
  • Total Chromium (for chrome-free tanned leather)
  • Total Chromium, Aluminum, Titanium, Zirconium and Iron (for metal-free tanned)
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorinated Phenols (PCP/ TeCP /TriCP/ DCP/ MCP)
  • Orthophenylphenol (OPP)
  • Preservative agent
  • Plasticizers (Phthalates)
  • Organotins (TBT, TPhT, DBT, DMT, DOT, DPhT, DPT, MBT, MOT, MMT, MPhT, TeBT, TeET, TCyHT, TMT, TOT, TPT)
  • Azo Dye (Cleavable arylamines) and arylamine salts
  • Aniline (Free and Cleavable)
  • Allergenous Disperse Dyes
  • Carcinogen Dyes
  • Other Banned Dyes
  • Navy Blue
  • Chlorinated benzenes and toluene
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCP & MCCP)
  • Tris(2-chloroethyl) Phosphate (TCEP)
  • Surfactant, wetting agent residues (AP & APEO)
  • Solvent residue (NMP, DMAc, DMFa)
  • Solvent residue (Formamide)
  • Benzene
  • Quinoline
  • UV stabilizers
  • Bisphenol A
  • Phenol
  • Diazene-1,2-dicarboxamide (ADCA)
  • Siloxanes (D4, D5 and D6)
  • N-Nitrosamines / N-Nitrosatable
  • Colour Fastness to Water
  • Colour Fastness to Perspiration (acidic and alkaline)
  • Colour Fastness to Dry Rubbing
  • Colour Fastness to Wet Rubbing
  • Colour Fastness to Saliva
  • Determination of Odour

The test items will be adjusted depending on the marketplace and actual sample.

ECO Test Package for Textiles – Excluded tests

Below test items are not included in ECO test package. Please consider these tests based on your need, or contact us for assistance.

You may consider additional test if:

  • Additional biocidal finishing has been used in your sample.
    Test Item: Biocide Screening
  • Fabric is to be used for textile carpets, mattresses as well as foams and large coated articles not being used for clothing.
    Test Item: VOC 
  • Natural or synthetic fibre that may contain Asbestos
    Test Item: Asbesto
  • Natural fibre that may contain Glyphosate and salt
    Test Item: Glyphosate and salts
  • For all materials with a water and oil repellent finish or coating.
    Test Item: PFC’s Perfluorinated Compounds, including PFOS, PFOA and related compounds.
  • For all materials with flame retardant finish or coating
    Test Item: Restricted Flame Retardants
  • For all materials packaged with any form of anti-mold agent
    Test Item: Dimethyl Fumarate DMFu

The test items will be adjusted depending on the marketplace and actual sample.


The test items will be adjusted depending on your product type and age range. Only specific test items will be applied to selected product type, test type and destination market. Detailed test item list will be included in order confirmation email upon purchase.

* The complete product package includes a maximum of 20 components. If style of garment is complicated with large number of trims or colors, additional test charge may be needed and will be confirmed with test applicant upon receipt of sample before test starts.

# To save your test budget, composite test is quoted for chemical testing. Similar materials on sample will be gathered for analysis. In case any restricted chemical detected in composite testing, additional individual checking may be required. Applicant will be informed in that case.

The package price includes compulsory test only. The optional tests (Biocides Screening, Solvent residue, Asbestos, VOC, PFC, DMFu, Flame Retardants) are NOT included in the package price. Additional charge is required.

VOC and Odour test will be performed as a whole article.

For Colour fastness, the colours would be grouped in one test if one composite test can cover the required colours. Otherwise, another test group(s) will be conducted for the remaining colours.

To quote an even more comprehensive assurance plan for your product, please contact us.

Strengths & benefits

Regulatory Experts
Ensure your product compliance to specific countries requirement

Global Network
Provide worldwide coverage and access to all key locations & markets

Order flow

1. Check Out

Confirm selections and fill in contact info

2. Arrange Payment

Pay by credit card or bank transfer offline​

3. Confirm Test Plan

Confirm test and product details

4. Send Sample

Send the sample with printed form

5. Receive Report

Receive our test report by email


Online Payment
  • Order acknowledgment email will be sent to you by system after successful payment
  • Order confirmation email with service details will be sent to you within 1 working day by our specialist
Offline Payment
  • We accept T/T bank transfer payment
  • Order acknowledgment email with bank details for payment will be sent to you by system after order submission
  • Please arrange payment and send payment receipt to our specialist by email
  • Order confirmation email with service details will be sent to you after payment verification by our specialist


You can add them to shopping cart and proceed to checkout for placing your order online. You will receive an order acknowledgment with order details after online order.

It is not necessary to create an account for online purchase, you can select Guest Checkout to place an order without an account.

However, creating an account offers additional benefits:

  • Your contact information will be saved securely for a faster checkout
  • Track your order status and history

If you place an order as a guest, please check our notifications at your email box. Please remember to check promotional and junk mail box if you can’t find it.

If you place an order as a member, please log in and check the status of your order under “Quote Request” or “Orders”.

SGS TIC Mall only accepts US$ for checkout.

You will receive a test application form, sample requirement and delivery details in confirmation email upon successful payment, please complete the form and send the required sample(s) to our competence centre in Hong Kong.

Please contact your dedicated specialist to submit your request. It will be reviewed case by case depending on the order process.

No, you can’t cancel and refund the paid order unless there is quality or service delivery issue.

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