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Clothing Test Package



Clothing Test Package

Service Scope

Weak seams that break when you are shopping on busy streets, weak fabrics that are torn when you stand up from the seat at the most luxurious restaurants, color traces that your jeans leave on your favorite white chair… Underqualified garments can cause troubles to customers, and you want to prevent those complaints before your product is sold.

SGS provides basic chemical and physical performance test suggestions for tops and bottoms, such as tee shirts, blouses, trousers and dresses, etc. If you are looking for basic quality assurance testing, here is a good start.

Please choose corresponding product type and test type based on your need. If any query, please feel free to contact us

Product Type

  • Casual Wear
    Includes the most common testing applicable to most apparel.
    Applicable examples: T-shirts, jeans, casual dresses.
  • Formal Wear
    Includes dry-cleaning testing on top of casual wear.
    Applicable examples: Suits, dress shirts.
  • Pajamas/Nightwear
    Includes corresponding flammability testing on top of casual wear.
    Applicable examples: Loungewear, sleep robes.
  • Sportswear
    Includes stretch performance testing on top of casual wear.
    Applicable examples: training tees, yoga tanks.
  • Swimwear & Cover-Up
    Includes tests that correspond to sea water or pool water testing on top of casual wear.
    Applicable examples: Bikinis, sarongs.

Test Plan

Turnaround Time (working days)
5 Days (Regular)/ 8-10 Days (if prolong skin contact metal part present on product)

Sample Size :

Basic Physical Test

Finished product: 2pcs;
Main fabric (shell/lining/pocket): 1 yard

^ Additional sample size for Children Pyjamas/Nightwear:
(EU & US) Main fabric (shell/lining/pocket): 2 yard
(US) Finished product: 8pcs

Basic Physical & Quality Test

Finished product: 5pcs
Main fabric (shell/lining/pocket): 2 yard
Print or Trims: 10 pcs

^ Additional sample size for Children Pyjamas/Nightwear:
(EU & US) Main fabric (shell/lining/pocket): 2 yard
(US) Finished product: 8pcs

Basic Chemical Test

Finished product: 1pcs;
Main print: 10 repeats;
Small logo print: 30 repeats 
Trims – labels, tapes, etc: 30pcs / 5m / A4
Trims – buttons: 20sets
Trims – zipper: 12pcs

Test Description

Basic Physical Test
Our physical test package presents the most important physical tests that may affect compliance.

Test items (for reference only):

  • Fibre Content Analysis
  • Flammability Test*
  • Physical safety assessment (for Kids)

The test items will be adjusted depending on the marketplace and actual sample.

Basic Physical & Quality Test
Our physical & quality test package is an advanced version of basic physical package, consolidating the most common physical performance tests applying to clothing products.

Test items (for reference only):

  • Tests in “Basic Physical Test”
  • Colorfastness Test
  • Washing Test
  • Strength Test
  • Abrasion / Pilling Resistance

The test items will be adjusted depending on the marketplace and actual sample.

Basic Chemical Test (#composite test)
Our chemical test package includes the basic hazardous chemicals based on material type and market recall risks.

Test items (for reference only):

  • Total Heavy Metals
  • Phthalates
  • Chromium VI for leather material
  • Formaldehyde
  • Azo dye
  • pH value
  • Nickel release on prolonged skin-contact metal

The test items will be adjusted depending on the marketplace and actual sample.

EU: Due to the wide range of regulations, not all EU regulatory chemical tests are included, but selected based on recall risk only.
US: Only US federal test are included. State laws are excluded.


The test items will be adjusted depending on your product type and age range. Only specific test items will be applied to selected product type, test type and destination market. Detailed test item list will be included in order confirmation email upon purchase.

* There is no harmonized flammability test method that applies to general apparel for EU market. Result may be shown as data only without pass/fail. Some specific European countries (Sweden / Norway / Netherlands / Switzerland) may have specific flammability standards. If you expect your product going into these countries, please contact us instead.

Physical test packages do not include any comment on care labelling. If you are looking for a care instruction development, please consider “Care Label Recommendation” in Washing Tests.

If your garment is composed of white color or indigo dye (which is common for denim), you may want to consider additional Colorfastness Tests for White Color/Indigo Dye. Dye for these color types are especially vulnerable to certain warehouse condition.

# To save your test budget, composite test is quoted for chemical testing. Similar materials on sample will be gathered for analysis. In case any restricted chemical is detected in composite testing, additional individual checking may be required. Applicant will be informed in that case.

For a more comprehensive restricted substance checking, please consider ECO package.

To quote an even more comprehensive assurance plan for your product, please contact us.

Strengths & benefits

Regulatory Experts
Ensure your product compliance with specific countries’ requirements

Global Network
Provide worldwide coverage and access to all key locations & markets

Order flow

1. Check Out

Confirm selections and fill in contact info

2. Arrange Payment

Pay by credit card or bank transfer offline​

3. Confirm Test Plan

Confirm test and product details

4. Send Sample

Send the sample with printed form

5. Receive Report

Receive our test report by email


Online Payment
  • Order acknowledgment email will be sent to you by system after successful payment
  • Order confirmation email with service details will be sent to you within 1 working day by our specialist
Offline Payment
  • We accept T/T bank transfer payment
  • Order acknowledgment email with bank details for payment will be sent to you by system after order submission
  • Please arrange payment and send payment receipt to our specialist by email
  • Order confirmation email with service details will be sent to you after payment verification by our specialist


You can add them to shopping cart and proceed to checkout for placing your order online. You will receive an order acknowledgment with order details after online order.

It is not necessary to create an account for online purchase, you can select Guest Checkout to place an order without an account.

However, creating an account offers additional benefits:

  • Your contact information will be saved securely for a faster checkout
  • Track your order status and history

If you place an order as a guest, please check our notifications at your email box. Please remember to check promotional and junk mail box if you can’t find it.

If you place an order as a member, please log in and check the status of your order under “Quote Request” or “Orders”.

SGS TIC Mall only accepts US$ for checkout.

You will receive a test application form, sample requirement and delivery details in confirmation email upon successful payment, please complete the form and send the required sample(s) to our competence center in Hong Kong.

Please contact your dedicated specialist to submit your request. It will be reviewed case by case depending on the order process.

No, you can’t cancel and refund the paid order unless there is a quality or service delivery issue.

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