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Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gears Inspection Service 升降或作懸吊之用的起重機械及起重裝置檢測服務


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Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gears Inspection Service 升降或作懸吊之用的起重機械及起重裝置檢測服務

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Introduction 服務簡介

Whether you are the owner or operator of the Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gears (hereinafter referred to as Lifting Devices), you need to ensure they are safe, and in compliance to with statutory requirements. SGS cares about service about occupational safety and health and provides professional inspection services to support and assist you and your working environment safety issue.

無論您是擁有還是操作升降或作懸吊之用的起重機械及起重裝置(以下簡稱:吊重裝置),使用前都需要確保它們是安全的,符合法例規定。 SGS關注職業安全健康,以專業的檢測服務爲你營造安全的工作環境提供保障。

why sgs? 為何選擇SGS?

When will you need SGS inspection service for the Lifting Devices?

  • New installation of Lifting Devices or after repairing work and maintenance, it needs carrying out as carefully thorough examination;
  • Before the certification expiry date or annual inspection date
  • Evaluation and inspection of the Special designed Lifting Devices;

What kind of Lifting Devices should be applied for SGS inspection?

Famous: a chain sling, rope sling, ring or similar gear, and a link, hook, plate clamp, shackle, eyebolt, crane, horizontal fall arrest system, gondola, working platform and scaffolding systems;

Lifting Appliance: a crab, winch, teagle, pulley block or gin wheel used for raising or lowering, and a crane, sheerlegs, excavator, pile driver, pile extractor, dragline, aerial ropeway, aerial cableway transporter or overhead runway, and also any part of any such appliance;

Lifting Gear: a chain sling, rope sling, ring or similar gear, and a link, hook, plate clamp, shackle, swivel or eyebolt;

Crane: some appliance equipped with mechanical means of raising and lowering a load and for transporting the load while suspended; and also all chains, ropes, swivels, or other tackle (down to and including the hook), used in the operation of a crane;

Raising or lowering or as a means of suspension: raising or lowering or as a means of suspension of a load on a lifting appliance or lifting gear;

何時需要SGS 為吊重裝置提供檢測服務?

  • 新安裝或維修吊重裝置後,需為設備進行徹底檢測;
  • 該設備定期/常規檢查到期前;
  • 特殊吊重裝置的評估及檢測;


起重裝置: 吊索、纜吊索、環圈或同類裝置,以及有眼螺栓、鏈環、吊鈎、板鉗、鈎環、轉環或板鉗;




Target Audience 目標客戶

SGS is providing professional inspection and certification services to the Lifting appliances and lifting gears, to ensure they are safe, and in compliance to with statutory requirements, to reduce the risk. It’s preventive safety protection in your working environment.



Estate 屋苑

School 學校

Mall 商場

Workplace 工場

Construction Site 地盤

service Scope 檢驗服務範圍

  • Visual inspection;
  • Dynamic and static load testing
  • Operational tests to assure that your unit is functioning properly
  • Re-examination of all safety devices
  • Certification service, endorsed by Register Professional Engineer;
    (Include but not limited to the above description)
  • 目視檢測
  • 動態和靜態負載測試
  • 進行運行測試,確保您的裝置功能正常
  • 複檢所有安全裝置
  • 證書服務

Service flow 服務流程

1. Request A Quote

Complete the form to get an initial quote online

2. Confirm Quote

Confirm requirement, scope and schedule to finalize the quote

3. Arrange Paym

Arrange bank transfer payment and send record to us

4. Onsite Service 現場服務

Conduct service based on committed schedule

5. Receive Report

Receive our audit report and certificate


The RCS and GRS are the same, except that the GRS being a more rigorous standard; in the GRS, there is a higher minimum content percentage (50%) and additional processing requirements that must be met (social, environmental, and chemical).

need a quote? 需要報價?

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