Product Inspection & Factory Audit
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Factory Selection​

SGS Field Services Can Help You To Find The Supplier Best Suited To Your Needs

Technical Factory Audit

SGS technical factory audit will determine the conformity and validity of the specific management system and production capability. It will help to improve the customer’s knowledge of the factory’s production capability and its practices. This audit assists decision-making and minimizes commercial risks, whilst providing important evidence reference in supplier evaluation.


Customized Assessment

SGS provides a diverse range of factory assessment services. We can also provide other customized assessments according to customer requirements.


We Confirm That The Final Product Is Compliant With Your Quality Requirements

Production Flow


Initial Production Check (IPC)

Samples are drawn from early production

30% - 50%

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

Samples are drawn when 30-50% of the order has been completed

30% - 50%


Final Random Inspection (FRI)

When goods are 100% finished & at least 80% packaged for shipment


More Inspection Services

Sample Picking

According to customer’s requirements, we select sample(s) in factory or specified location, then seal the picked sample(s) on-site and send it to customer’s appointed location for testing or comparison reference.


100% Inspection

For high value or special products that are unique to a particular market, SGS can also assign qualified inspectors to the production site and carry out 100% inspection. Final products will be compared with relevant provided technical specification or standard, sorting service can also be conducted according to client’s requirement, verifying the conformity of product, quality after rework and screening.

Logistic Quality Control

Loading/ Unloading Supervision​

When customer needs to confirm the production capacity of the factory and ensure the delivery schedule, SGS will arrange professional auditor to evaluate the capacity of the factory and provide assessment report based on equipment status,  quality management, production capacity

Evaluate Supply Chain Performance

Advance Field Services Support To Manage Potential Product, Process And System Risk In Earlier Development Stage 

SGS will check whether the maturity of system, processes and product meet mass production requirements. We will audit suppliers against all customer requirements. These may include supplier design records, process flow, material/performance test results and full-scale test results. We will provide one assessment indicating whether the supplier / manufacturer can operate with the provisions of the production specifications. This way we document actions to avoid quality risk.

SGS Metal Control Service will help to improve the production safety of factories, improve the metal control system, will witness and supervise the metal detection on site, and provide conformity audit. At the same time, SGS can provide the customized training service of metal control according to client’s requirement, so as to help the client control metal hazards risk systematically and effectively.

SGS’s strong, long term credibility means we can provide you with eye-witness testing services. A good example would be manufacturers with a product that cannot be shipped to a specialized lab and must be tested on site. Our engineers will visit the designated site and ensure the supplier is testing the products according to your specifications.

Onsite production control service provides quality control for product on site , includes incoming inspection, process evaluation, production testing, product inspection and preventive advice. SGS will help client to solve the potential quality problems in the production line and in the production process by various inspection methods. SGS will help to prevent bulk quality problems in the early stages so as to reduce risks and save costs.

SGS TFA service will evaluate the products and process capabilities, check the conformity and consistency of the products on site, and conduct field tests and inspections to verify whether they meet the quality requirements of customers. At the same time, SGS will access the main processes according to the quality control plan to identify the potential process risk, helping customer to know manufacturer’s actual quality assurance level and product safety practice for specific category.

Logistic Quality Control

We Can Help You Assure The Final Products Will Be Delivered On Time

When customer needs to confirm the production capacity of the factory and ensure the delivery schedule, SGS will arrange professional auditor to evaluate the capacity of the factory and provide assessment report based on equipment status,  quality management, production capacity

In the case of high-value cargos (especially outer packaging) being damaged in transit, during load/unload or as part of the storage process, SGS will initially conduct a damage inspection on the spot. This will be followed in good time by a full inspection report.

At the same time, SGS can provide customs clearance inspection, verify the quality of products according to customer requiremnets, and help customers to arrange customs clearance smoothly.

We conduct random inspections after products are delivered to a third-party’s warehouse. We inspect the product dimension, appearance, function and packaging against your requirements. We also provide an inspection report. This ensures costs are controlled and delivery times are met as well as ensuring delivery quality and conformity.

Regular DC Inventory Check will help enterprises and logistics service providers gain timely and exact knowledge of stock quantity, product location, environment and the management of warehouses. SGS can provide timely and exact inventory counts by using the necessary manpower, facilities and software systems. A gap analysis can be provided if this is needed.

SGS audits the flexitank manufacturers based on “Code of practice for a single-use flexitank system”issued by the Container Owners Association(COA. This includes auditing whether the Installation, operation and training instruction manual are in conformity with the requirements. We also witness the Material test and Flexitank system rail impact test based on PAS1008:2016 to ensure a safe and reliable flexitank system is in place.

Develop Supplier Capability

SGS Field Services Can Help You Prevent And Correct Quality Risks

SGS Technical Consultant service provides workflow improvements, diagnosis of technique, robust design, reliability design and DOE for product R&D. Professional quality management tools, such as CPK, SPC, QFD, FMEA etc, are utilized to enhance a client’s core competitive ability and quality.


SGS Quality training will lead to the transfer of theoretical knowledge into daily working practices. It will provide the generic or bespoke training programme according to the specific product line. By combining our practical experience with any updated rules and the clients’ existing processes better quality products and services are delivered enhancing company success. SGS can provide training on a wide variety of business aspects, from procurement through to shipping. SGS on-site training can provide generic or bespoke training catered to your needs. After completing SGS Quality training, the participant will receive an SGS certificate. We will follow up via annual assessment, basic technical support and a Q&A on-line support.

The SGS Certified In-House Inspector Program (CIIP) can help you to improve your inspection level, increase your capability for quality assurance, and enhance your clients’ trust of your self-checking. There is a real possibility that this may lead to a reduction in the cost of inspection.

SGS experts can help you work out a bespoke inspection standard and inspection work instructions. We can also provide relevant training services.

When the capability of a supplier is not high enough, production volumes of finished goods may not meet the necessary levels or standards. When you need to assess capability, capacity and yield rates on the assembly line SGS will conduct on-site inspections in the supplier’s factory. Professional experts will analyze the supplier’s quality systems and guide them towards wide ranging improvements. At the end of the process suppliers will be able to assure the quality of their products.

Proactive problem-identification and implementation solutions are integral to the success of any company. SGS Production and Process Capability Assessment (PPCA) provides analytical tools to clearly define problems in Quality Management Systems. These may include maintenance, operational process and data analysis. The PPCA training model will help enterprises set up a competitive organization which can continuously improve itself.






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